• green Bather kids swim trunk with moss pattern


    Kids' Green Painted Moss Swim Trunk

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    We often overlook the magic that is moss, growing freely over trees, rocks, and even buildings. If you find yourself to be a nature lover, or simply wish you were, this is the pattern for you. Whether you consider yourself eccentric in style or reserved, the Painted Moss pattern will shape to your personality the same way it shapes onto rock faces and tree trunks. Let these trunks soak up some water, and they will surely grow on you…get it… grow ON you? HAHA.
    • Shell: 100% Recycled Quick-Dry Polyester
    • Lining (sizes 2-6): 90% Nylon 10% Spandex Ultra Fine Mesh
    • Kids' Swim Trunks in Size 1 are linerless
    • Available in a matching version for men
    • Made in Canada