Pattern Play: Geo Wave

This wavy geometric pattern pays homage to the cultural history of Mexico. Based on ancient Aztec temple inscriptions and Zapotec textile design, Geo Wave is an ode to our love for the natural history of the world, from our jungles to our oceans and the creativity of culture in itself. 


In the sixth century, Mesoamerican tribes from the North of Mexico settled in the Valley of Mexico until 1521. They built their capital, Tenochtitlan, in what is now known as Mexico City. The Aztec culture relied heavily on a polytheistic religion, which inspired various designs and structures. The designs of the Aztecs were often rectangular or circular geometric shapes recurring in long, symmetrical lines. These patterns were typically created to fulfill a religious purpose or to appease one of the gods they worshipped. The most recognizable form is the Sun Stone. 

A treasured design is called Xicalcoliuhqui, translated to “step fret”, and is a common motif in Mesoamerican art composed of 3 or more steps connected to a hook or spiral. This hieroglyph is believed to represent a conch shell - a symbol of fertility and birth. Other researchers associate it with depicting water or waves - which is what drew us to this particular motif for our pattern.  It is typically found in temple inscriptions, specifically in the buildings in Milta (Oaxaca region). The symmetrical lines and shapes were created with incredible attention to detail & artistic flair.


A substantial amount of traditional Aztec art was lost in the Spanish Conquest, marking the end of Aztec civilization in 1521. We want to honour a celebrated art and revel in a vibrant culture that shares our values in worshipping the sun, ocean, sky, and all of the creatures of nature. In the present day, Zapotec peoples of the Oaxaca region continue to use this intricate pattern using weaving methods on textiles. 

We’ve hand-drawn our print based on this historic style. Inspired by its infinite hidden meanings and symbolic traits, Geo Wave is a testament to the enduring power of culture and tradition. 

Available in Ivory, Mahogany, and Emerald.