• Maillot de bain uni lavande
  • Maillot de bain uni lavande
  • Maillot de bain uni lavande


    Maillot de bain uni lavande

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    La coupe emblématique du Swim Trunk comprend une taille élastiquée avec une doublure en maille ultra fine extensible dans les quatre sens, une coque à séchage rapide, des cordons de serrage sur mesure et une fermeture à bouton-pression dans la poche arrière. S'adapte à la taille.
    • Extérieur : 100 % nylon recyclé à séchage rapide
    • Doublure : 90 % nylon, 10 % élasthanne, maille ultra fine
    • Poches latérales profondes renforcées
    • Poche arrière avec fermeture à pression pour baigneur
    • Entrejambe de 5,5 pouces
    • Fabriqué au Canada



    Our classic Swim Trunk is as timeless as it gets! Since the days of recreational swim, nylon has been the steadfast fabric for beach bums and sun seekers alike. Known as the first synthetic fibre, it first gained notoriety as a utilitarian fabric utilized in the war effort. Some of its features include quick-drying and moisture wicking properties, soft-to-the-touch feel and durability that surpasses similar synthetic fabrics. And now, made from recycled PET bottles, this dynamic fabric has not only made a name for itself in the swimwear category, but has catapulted itself into being a fundamental fabric that is widely used in apparel. This can additionally be attributed to nylon’s susceptibility to receive dye, which has allowed for a magnitude of beautiful colours. This has allowed us to take an artisanal approach to colour creation, bringing you a hand selected assortment of invigorating colours each season.