Cottage Country

Nestled in the southern woodlands of Ontario lies the municipality of Muskoka, a long-standing staple for Ontarians as a home-away-from-home during the summer months; more commonly referred to as Cottage Country for the city folk.

With the lack of accessible oceans for us mainland Canadians, lakes were some of our first test locations during Bather’s inception. The Muskoka region has proven time and again that it is the ideal place for not only a refreshing plunge, but a quaint location for a rest and recharge.

With the introduction of our Summer Sweats earlier this season, we knew Muskoka was also the place to test out these new leisure pieces. We entrusted the help of Beach House Muskoka, a surreal cottage that offers up a cozy beach escape from the city, to put these pieces to the test. Suffice to say, they were the perfect pairing.

The breathtaking lakefront, crafted interior and lush green space made for an amazing escape that was only complete with the accompaniment of a dependable wardrobe; in and out of the water.

Three men sitting on a cottage lake dock in the afternoon

Two men sitting on a lake dock wearing hoodies and swim trunks while the sun sets

Man wearing cream coloured sweatshirt and sweatshorts with a mustard yellow cap

Man sitting indoors in sweatshirt and sweatshorts with sun shining in through window

Man diving off a dock into a lake while the sun sets

Man wearing a mustard yellow cap with an embroidered letter B and a navy crewneck sweatshirt, smiling.

Man sitting on a Muskoka cottage chair, second image of a waterfall

Man standing on a cottage lake dock with a bandana printed towel wrapped around himself