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<b>Toronto's 2018 Polar Bear Dip</b>

Toronto's 2018 Polar Bear Dip

Toronto-based men’s swimwear brand, Bather, sponsored Toronto’s 2018 Polar Bear Dip by donating 100 pairs of exclusive bathing suits to the participants.

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<b>The Bather Gift Guide feat. Surf the Greats</b>

The Bather Gift Guide feat. Surf the Greats

For this gift guide, we've partnered with our friends over at Surf the Great who are year-round experts in all things surf-related. 

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<b>The Bather Gift Guide feat. Lost and Found</b>

The Bather Gift Guide feat. Lost and Found

Featuring one of our favourite stores, Lost and Found, this gift guide is perfect for any urban, metropolitan man you know loves to travel and get out...

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<b>Excellent Adventures: Nicaragua with Michael Libis</b>

Excellent Adventures: Nicaragua with Michael Libis

Take a look inside the picture-perfect vacation destination of Nicaragua with Michael Libis in this Excellent Adventure!

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<b>Resort 2018</b>

Resort 2018

Continuing the tradition of a clean design with an emphasis on quality, the 2018 Resort Collection is inspired by tropical patterns and nautical motifs. 

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<b>Excellent Adventures: Yellowstone with Yang-Yi Goh</b>

Excellent Adventures: Yellowstone with Yang-Yi Goh

“There are plenty of amazing places to swim in Montana,” I had told Kyle, based purely off a 15-second Google search. “It’ll be a snap.”...

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<b>Excellent Adventures: Majorca with Jackie Beale</b>

Excellent Adventures: Majorca with Jackie Beale

Our friend Jackie recently traveled to Majorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands, and documented some of her Excellent Adventure to share with us!...

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