Dreaming of that next tropical vacation? What are you packing? Let me guess, some Hawaiian prints? Some tie-dye? Well, what if we told you we took it one step further and put both those patterns together into one majestic swim trunk? It sure saves room in that suitcase. Let’s take a closer look into what inspired us for this iconic mix-patterned swim trunk. 


The Tropic Trail pattern features both hibiscus and plumeria flowers that are native to Hawaii. Both flowers hold powerful motifs and symbolism. Hibiscus flowers, the larger flowers on this pattern, represent beauty and joy. While the smaller flowers, Plumeria flowers, represent positivity! It is also said that if the flower is worn behind a woman’s left ear, that she is taken or married, and if it is worn on the right then she is looking for romance.


Shibori, a traditional Japanese dyeing technique with a deep-rooted history dating back to the 8th century, can be traced to Emperor Shomu's contribution of these textiles to the Toudai-ji Buddhist temple in Nara. The term 'shibori' finds its etymology in the Japanese word 絞, or 'shiboru,' loosely translating to 'wring' or 'squeeze,' reflecting the intricate dyeing techniques involved in shaping and securing fabric to create diverse patterns. Traditionally, Shibori used a white cloth that was folded, compressed, twisted, and tied before immersion in natural indigo dyes. What makes Shibori truly exceptional is that even employing the same technique produces varying results each time. In essence, Shibori acts as a bridge to the past, yielding perpetually fresh outcomes.

The Tropic Trail Swim Trunk is available online & in-store in Sunburst, Ink, Absinthe, and Azure.