Street-inspired beachwear for wearing by the beach and other various bodies of water. Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Because no one appreciates swimsuit weather more than us.

Born and raised in Toronto, Bather launched in 2013 and began as a journey to create the perfect poolside complement to a well-curated closet of essentials. Considering this, we set out to create the perfect swim trunk that reflected our commitment to design, function, and quality without compromise. Our mission was and still is to create products that help you look and feel your best, with a seamless transition between style from the beach onto the streets.

Good trunks are hard to find. We made it easy for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

About Bather — Quality Surf and Swim Trunks for Men

Made in Canada

When Bather launched back in 2013, we wanted to create swimwear that men could feel confident in both on and off the beach. But in order to feel confident, you need to be comfortable. To us, the first step to comfort was to get rid of the stigma of the ‘uncomfortable stretched mesh liner’. By developing an exclusive liner for our swim trunks that is incredibly soft and a high-quality polyester shell that dries incredibly fast, we’ve separated ourselves from the competition. No more chafing, no more leaving the beach soaking wet. In order to ensure that our product never strays from this goal, we needed to oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish. And that could only be accomplished with manufacturing our product minutes away from our office in Downtown Toronto.

For too many years, the fashion industry has been dominated by fast-fashion retailers who sacrifice quality for low costs, and luxury retailers whose prices don’t match the products' value. Since our launch, we saw a middle ground for the future of fashion and men's swimwear — a future where we could provide a quality product at a reasonable price, and where a product stands for fair and ethical working conditions. And that’s what we did, by placing "Made in Canada” at the forefront of our business right from the beginning.

For us, “Made in Canada” was important because we believe in the intrinsic value of a Canadian-made product — a product that supports the local economy and talent, and represents quality design and craftsmanship. When you buy local, you are enriching local communities and contributing to the solutions that address some of the industry's most common problems. In an industry category that has remained untouched for years, we hope to bring a new way of business, thinking, and innovation to the men's swimwear category.

Bather — Quality men's surf and swimwear made in Toronto, Canada

Bather Trunk Co. — Quality swim shorts and surf trunks for men made in Canada

Bather — Best Canadian-made surf trunks and swimwear and beach apparel



100% Recycled Materials


Patterned Swim Trunks


Lightweight and Quick-Dry

We are proud to introduce our new proprietary fabric, now made using 100% post-consumer PET bottles! Much like its synthetic companion nylon, polyester offers all of the same attributes, and then some. A silky hand feel, dependable durability and lightweight nature, polyester offers a slight competitive advantage in moisture wicking. Consequently, the has enhanced the vibrancy of colours = less water absorption results in richer colours; making polyester the premium fabric choice when grading colour fastness and the longevity of colour. Hence, we put our most intricate and eye catching.



100% Recycled Materials


Solid Swim Trunks

Our Solid Swim Trunk is as timeless as it gets, and is now made using a proprietary recycled nylon! Since the days of recreational swim, nylon has been the steadfast fabric for beach bums and sun seekers alike. Known as the first synthetic fabric, it gained notoriety as a utilitarian fabric utilized in the war effort. Some of its features include quick-drying and moisture wicking properties, soft-to-the-touch feel and durability that surpasses similar synthetic fabrics. This dynamic fabric has not only made a name for itself in the swimwear category, but has catapulted itself into being a fundamental fabric that was wide used in apparel once it had become available to the public. This approach to colour creation, bringing you a hand-selected assortment of invigorating colours each season.



100% Recycled Polyester


Technical Surf Trunks


Moisture Wicking, Quick-Dry, and 4-Way Stretch

Considered a seminal fabric here at Bather, our Technical Surf Trunk is continuing to pave the way for future development and research. Cultivated through a proprietary process that involves the collection and processing of ocean plastics, this recycled polyester fabric is a true advocate for our oceans. This regenerative fabric is one piece of the puzzle in our efforts to fight ocean pollution, and implement solutions for this wicked problem. Although it known that every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists today, this plastic is simply stopping by to say hello to an old friend. Our finishing touches include four-way stretch, a polyester drawstring with brass branded tips, a back pocket and distinguishable 3M reflective label.



Organic Cotton Blend




Camp Shirts

With roots tracing back to traditional Aloha shirts crafted in Hawaii at the turn of the twentieth century Japanese kimono fabrics, the fascinating Camp Shirt still remains the staple of summer style. The descendants of these shirts, commonly referred to as the bowling shirt, cabin shirt or simply an open-collar shirt, all sport a relaxed silhouette with a straight hem, and the defining spread collar. Much like its predecessor, these shirts are crafted out of lightweight fabrics, commonly cotton, linen, natural plant fibres and a variety of blends of everything in between. These breathable fabrics aid in enhancing the voluminous shape, making it the perfect warm weather sanctuary. Much like the original fabrics, the decoration of prints and patterns is something we continue on in tradition. Our patterns and designs are the final touches to perfect this characteristically lively shirt. Wear yours to beaches, barbecues and banquets alike!



100% Organic Cotton


Lightweight and Mid-weight



For Resort 2021, we introduced our 9oz. 100% French Terry Cotton - continuation of our commitment to sourcing and working with only premium fabrics. Though most have become familiar with Terry Cloth through its uses in robes, towels and similar bathroom textiles, French terry differs in that it is knitted and does not feature the recognizable protruding loops; it is softer to the touch and allows for some natural stretch. Its versatility and suppleness have made it the predominant fabric for loungewear, and a great companion for cooler months. To enhance this already cozy fabric, we have finished every piece with a unique sueding process that raises the cotton fibres to maximize its softness. We guarantee that these trouble-free, machine washable pieces will become staples for years to come.

After almost 10 years in the making, Bather has launched their Flagship Store in Toronto, ON.

Opened in May 2022, the space features coffee shop 450 Dufferin, in partnership with 135 Ossington. As a swim and surf brand, Bather’s Flagship Store stocks a curated selection of lifestyle goods and homewares that complement the brand’s products, sourced far and near – from artisanal ceramics from the coasts of California, Scandinavian home accessories from Copenhagen, to a collection of surfboards by Whit Surf, a Nova Scotian surfboard manufacturer, and much more. The store also features Bather’s Parkdale Yacht Club capsule collection, paying homage to the neighborhood.

Visit Us

450 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6K 2A5

Open every day from 12 pm – 5 pm. Coffee bar open 8 am – 5pm.

Please note that our store is paperless and cashless. We accept debit, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Entrance of Bather's Flagship store with clothing rack of solid swim trunks

Bather flagship store with a coffee bar, featuring espresso machine on concrete counter top

Bather flagship store with colourful surf boards

Bather store with peg board with merchandise and clothing on it

Bather store lounge area with mid century modern leather sofas

White change rooms in Bather's flagship store with a rattan rug, cream curtains, and arm chair

Overview of Bather's flagship store in Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario

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