Excellent Adventures: Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a small, rural community tucked away on the north shores of eastern Ontario, right in the centre of Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Surrounded by 800 kilometres of coastline, Prince Edward County is famous for its beautiful beaches, nature trails, and wineries. And only a two-hour drive from Downtown Toronto, you'll be able to feel like you've traveled to a completely different country and escape the busyness of the city.

Last week, we took our own little Excellent Adventure to the County to explore its hidden treasures/go to the beach. After arriving in PEC, we drove through Picton, Ontario. On the main strip, you've got a bunch of pretty solid food options like The Vic Cafe for a healthy brunch, or the Lighthouse Restaurant for a not-so-healthy brunch. About 10 minutes off the main strip, where we landed, is the Miller House. Cheese boards for days and a patio that looks over the entire city — not to mention it's in a stone house that was built around 1796.

The Miller's House in Picton, Ontario and Prince Edward County Lunch at The Miller's House in Prince Edward County

After lunch, we did what any level-headed person would do and headed to the beach. Yup that's right. A beach. A real beach. In a National Park full of flowing sand dunes. You heard correctly — a beach with SAND DUNES, two hours from Toronto. Sandbanks Provincial Park is (yet another) little oasis just outside of Toronto. One of our favourite Canadian beaches, Sandbanks, stretches as far as the eye can see. A perfect spot to spend the afternoon lounging or exploring the dunes.  Even in mid-September, the weather in PEC  showed no signs of a cool Autumn! Here's a shot of a new algae pattern we'll be releasing for Resort. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to find out when they launch.

Sandbanks Provincial Park and Beaches in Prince Edward County Sandbanks Beach and Provincial Park in Prince Edward County Bather Resort 2017 Collection featuring Blue Algae Swim Trunks at Sandbanks Beach

The fun doesn't stop at the beach in PEC. Aside from the food and beaches, the antiquing is definitely our next favorite thing about the County. There are perfectly curated barns full of old treasures on almost every county road.  

Dead People's Stuff Antiques Shop in Prince Edward County

Like Dead Peoples Stuff — a picker's dream with a name to match. If antiques aren't your thing, you've still got the County's most notorious asset — grapes. Mmmm, grapes. That's code for wine. Some of Ontario's best wineries. 'Some' may be an understatement. PEC is home to 40 wineries and they're well worth the flat-rate taste testers most of them offer.

Need a place for the night? We recommend the June Motel or the Drake Devonshire Inn. The June Motel opened this summer and is reminiscent of a classic Palm Springs two-floor motel. The Drake Devonshire Inn, an arm of Toronto's Drake Hotel, is another great spot to crash. It's also right on the water and, surprisingly, has a half decent surf season in the Fall.

The June Motel in Picton, Ontario and Prince Edward County
Coffee at the Drake Devonshire Inn in Prince Edward County

Thinking of heading out to Prince Edward County for an Excellent Adventure? Here are our recommendations:

To eat

The Vic Café in Picton, Ontario

The Miller House in Picton, Ontario

The Courage

    To explore

    Dead People's Stuff Antiques Shop

    Love Nest Studio Gallery

    Andrew Csafordi Studio Gallery

    Sandbanks Provincial Park

    The Parlour Studio Botanical Boutique

    The General

    Closson Chase Winery

    Exultet Estate Winery

      To stay

      The June Motel

      The Drake Devonshire Inn

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