Holiday Gift Guide 2020

For the approaching holiday season, we bring you our annual gift guide, packed full of invaluable and timeless goods for the giftee in your life. In the wake of the events that have taken place this year, it has aided us in re-shifting our focus to prioritize sound practices and habits. We have always relied on our community. Since we produce and manufacture our goods locally, we would not be in business if it were not for our local patrons, manufacturing facilities, customers and the hardworking men and women that have maintained the fabric of our community. In any event, we want to direct your attention to local brick-and-mortar stores who are doing just that. More than ever, we need to invest in our neighbours to sustain diversity, local economies and the characteristics that make our community unique. If anything, we hope that this guide facilitates the thought and investment in local business. Though we have shed some light on our favourite businesses, we want you to think about your neighbourhood coffee shops, book stores, restaurants and retailers when purchasing this year. In addition, for the sale of every Bather beanie, we will donate a beanie to Covenant House Toronto and help youth experiencing homelessness.


Bodega Benefactor

Flat lay image of our Bodega Benefactor gift guide items

Has teaching yourself the finesse behind a new dish become tiresome? Or know someone who’s seeking some new local food options? Not to worry - here’s a meal on us (kind of). These fool-proof options are perfect for treating friends, partners and yourself to some fine dining. And if you prefer the in-person experience, here’s a cozy outfit to get you to and from your local grocer. Equipped with some timeless accessories, you’ll be sure to impress your local store clerk with at least your style choices - leave the recipes to them.

Detailed image of our Bodega Benefactor gift guide items

Photo collage of all of the products featured in our Bodega Benefactor gift guide

Items featured:
Lost&Found - Canvas Tote Bag
Il Bussetto - Box Card Holder
master-piece - EQ Key Holder
Sugo - Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce
Sud Forno - Bread and Wine
Ace Hill - Dry Hopped Lager
Bather - Sunset Hoodie, Sunset Sweatpants, Olive Beanie



Home Brewer

Flat lay image of our Home Brewer gift guide products

For the budding barista or the local coffee connoisseur, we’ve got you covered with a list of essential items, and treats, for both a home setup or a new destination. If there were a pair more famous than coffee and croissants, we haven’t met them. Luckily, we have sourced some of the best beans and bread a person could indulge in. And if they already have the ingredients secured? No sweat, here’s a list of some beautiful brewing equipment that is sure to impress any coffee aficionado.

Detailed photo of our products from our gift guide from the Home Brewer

Photo collage of all of the products featured in our Home Brewer gift guide

Items featured:
Rototo - Comfy Room Socks
Yield - Glass French Press
Yield - Double-Wall Pour Over
Pinto Project - Chain Mug
Sam James Coffee Bar - Coffee Beans
Barena Venezia -  Fingerless Gloves
Blackbird Baking Co. - Croissant
Bather - Heather Grey Crewneck, Black Sweatpants, Solid White Camp Shirt




Home Horticulturist

Flat lay image of our Home Horticulturist gift kit from our gift guide

Know someone studying the science of botany? Or simply just an admirer of beautiful plants? Perhaps just a modern day herbalist? As most have begun to adopt a more green approach to living, either to become more self reliant or simply just to give a refresh to their space, these simple keepsakes are perfect for home trimming or wilderness gathering.

Detailed photo of some of our items from the Home Horticulturist gift kit

Photo collage of all of the products featured in our Home Horticulturist gift guide

 Items featured:
Toribe - Japanese Stainless Steel Scissors
Latre Art & Style: Survival Guide and Apron
Rainbo - Reishi Tincture
Eastlogue - Fingerless Wool Cable Knit Gloves
The Great Lakes Goods - Face Vase
Boring Friends - Tote Bag
Euclid Farms - Dried Flowers Arrangement
Sensitiva - CBD Wellness Products
Bather - Olive Crewneck, Olive Sweatpants, Orange 6 Panel Cap



Early Morning Riser

Flay lay image of our Early Morning Riser products from our gift guide

For the hiker, biker or early morning adventurer, these indispensable goods are perfect companions for keeping you visible, comfortable and cozy. Alternatively, if you prefer a more chilled out escapade, we’ve included a few goodies that will ensure boundless activities and good times. Bundle up and get outside! Not included: oceans, national parks and trails.

Detailed photo of some of the products from our Early Morning Riser gift guide

Photo collage of all of the products featured in our Early Morning Riser gift guide

 Items featured:
Norse Projects - Otto Light WR Jacket
Carhartt W.I.P. Delta Shoulder Bag
Kinto - Travel Tumbler
Snow Peak - Titanium Cup Single 450
New Balance ML2002RG
Ace Valley - CBD Pre Rolls
Garrett Leight - Hampton Sun
Bather - Ocean Hoodie, Ocean Sweatpants, Yellow Beanie



Hibernation Vacationer

Flat lay image of our Hibernation Vacationer gift kit from our gift guide

Whether or not you know a friend who’s choosing a cozier approach for the upcoming months, or their geography has blessed them with warm weather, we have them covered. With most who already spend a significant time in their dwellings, who’s to say you can’t spruce up your decor and wardrobe for the holidays?! Light some incense, play your favourite tunes, and put on your favourite summer shirt with some cozy slippers to bring your destination to you.

Detailed photo of some of the products from our Hibernation Vacationer gift guide

Photo collage of all of the products featured in our Hibernation Vacationer gift guide

Items featured:
Toyo - T-190 Mini Tool Box
D.S & Durga Coriander eau de parfume
Monocle - The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets
Anonymousism - 5 Colour Mix Sock
Oji Masanori for Susumuya - Susumuya Tea Mug
Latre Art & Style - Soap and Candle
MAAPS - Boulder Brass Incense Holder, Incense Sticks
Ace Valley - Sativa, Indica Pre Rolls
Bather - Black Hoodie, Heather Grey Sweatpants, Hawaiian Tiger Camp Shirt, Hawaiian Tiger Swim Trunk