Introducing Resort '22

We’re approaching a season where historically, surfers and beach bums alike would reluctantly hang up their fins and flippers, only to be seen at a later time when the sunshine ruled the day. But as we enter into Autumn, and the impending Winter on the horizon, we at Bather embrace the brisk weather and offer up a quality selection of goods for those on both the northern and southern hemisphere.

As we searched aimlessly for any smidgen of inspiration for our Resort ’22 collection, we explored some familiar favourites, while also taking a deep dive into some remote and strange territories. For most, punk rock and the Arts and Crafts movement may not have a lot in common. However, the similarities of rebellion, nonconformity and the do-it-yourself attitude radiated from both of these unassuming counterparts.

For us, this translated into lavishly textured fabrics, homemade patterns and prints and an emphasis on quality materials. This all of course is backed by our continued commitment to the environment: we continue to use 100% recycled materials for all of our swim trunks, as well as our new midweight Organic French Terry Cotton.

We thought about how provenance might have influenced these values, and decided to reach out to our friends within our community to find out more about these guiding principles. This group of artists, musicians, designers and tastemakers invited us into their spaces to show us a little bit about them and the emphasis on individual expression.

These unapologetic, individualistic and eye-catching pieces prove that bending the rules isn’t all that bad, especially when you embrace yourself. Now available at