Pattern Play: Bouquet

Flowers have a fragrant history throughout the world. Their symbolism is rich, extensive and meaningful. We share them to express love on Valentine’s Day to expressing sympathy in tragic times — flowers are arguably the most versatile gift for literally any occasion.

Our Daytime and Midnight Bouquet trunks are inspired by the most famous floral fabric out there, chintz. Chintz was originally glazed calico textiles, which essentially means cotton fabric with a small-scale floral print. Originating in India where it was handmade from the 1600s to 1800s, we give a nod to the history and origins of chintz by featuring the bouquets with a Bather twist using larger, bolder motifs.


Flowers have always been appreciated for their beauty, and many renaissance painters without access to models used bouquets in their paintings. Each country developed a unique style, based on the plants, and materials available to them. Some of the first still-life paintings were by Netherlandish Renaissance painters. These paintings provided even more symbolism and depth to the intricacies and meanings of flowers.

The very first floral fabrics appeared during the late Middle Ages as very stylized and ornate floral motifs. By 1759, British manufacturers discovered a way to produce floral fabric at a low price. The 18th Century showed a growing interest in floral fabrics and by the 19th Century the Industrial Revolution made florals available to almost everyone. Machine-printed chintz immersed the market and became accessible to the middle class. The 19th century also developed the floral language, where gifts of flowers, plants and specific floral arrangements were used to send secretive coded messages. In the same way you (or at least us) may have passed notes in elementary school to share secrets, flowers allowed the sender to express emotions and feelings that were frowned upon and could not be spoken out loud in Victorian Society. These “talking bouquets” became fashion accessories that represented something about the wearer.

Bather Bouquet Swim Trunk Pattern Inspiration

Present Day

Patterns of florals have become so popular, they’re ubiquitous. There’s been a revival in the popularity of house plants and gardening in general. Being surrounded by nature, whether it be in a forest, or our homes, is only natural. It’s an endless source of inspiration, and carries more hidden meanings than we think.

Decoding the Bouquet Print

Within our Bouquet Swim Trunk there’s symbolism hiding in plain sight. Our print features an Anemone flower that represents protection against evil and are said to attract luck. Peony flowers are also incorporated and symbolize good fortune, riches, honor, compassion and romance. Essentially, if you wear the Bouquet Swim Trunk, you’re in for a great time. Just like in the Victorian Era, our Bouquet carries hidden messages. Let it do the talking for you.

Bather Bouquet Outfit Style Inspiration