Pattern Play: Painted Moss

We often overlook the magic of moss - growing freely over trees, rocks, and even buildings. Simplicity and spectacle coexist in the pattern of moss, a duality in itself. Whether you consider yourself eccentric in style or reserved, the Painted Moss pattern will shape to your personality the same way it shapes onto rock faces and tree trunks. Get it? But for real, let these trunks soak up some water, and they will surely grow on you.


The use of moss in art can be traced back from ancient civilizations to modern living green walls. Beyond art, moss has been used in primal healing, warming, and medicinal methods. Used to wrap wounds, as a blanket, and even as medicine for nausea or common colds dating back to ancient times and early Indigenous methods. It is rare to go out into nature and not encounter moss, making it an entirely overlooked antiquity of our natural world. 

Moss itself is coveted in Japanese culture, used in excess in gardens, temples, and art exhibits. The most famous instance of this is the Kokedera, or moss temple, in Kyoto. The Japanese view moss as a carpet - an extension of nature. A valuable decoration of sorts. This plant represents adaptability, growing freely over trees, rocks, and even urban structures. It is the first thing to grow after a forest fire or natural disturbance, making it resilient to even the worst environments. It is a symbol of new beginnings and an innocent reminder that there is a silver lining in everything.


Painted Moss builds off the art history and natural aspects of moss and puts them together to create a truly staple summer short. You’ll find that using real moss for art projects is quite a timely and meticulous process, with careful collection and maintenance processes in order to keep the delicate plant alive. 

No need to fret though, our Painted Moss pattern is there to be worn with peace of mind. (Only a little bit of upkeep is needed). But we do recommend getting them wet every once in a while!

Available in Green, Blue, and Red. From sizes XS to XXL.