Pattern Play: Rose Garden

Symbolizing love and romance, the rose has a long history as the standard gift for romantic occasions. Used often for moments like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, we understand it to be one of the most timeless expressions of love in this day and age. With the rose’s peak blooming season approaching in June, our Rose Garden pattern uses a rose motif to portray the flowers’ beauty and charm in the summer. Perfect for gardeners and beach lovers alike, this swim trunk is the ultimate expression of love and beauty that you should be adding to your summer collection. 


Garden cultivated around 5,000 years ago, the modern rose was typically found in Asia before it ever made an appearance in the West. This is evident as Chinese philosopher, Confucius, often wrote about growing roses in the Imperial Gardens and would mention how the emperor’s library contained hundreds of books on the subject. Regardless of origin however, the flower had already begun to be associated with ideas of love and beauty due to its role in antiquity and mythology. In 5th century Egypt for example, paintings and other artifacts depicting roses could be found in tombs. The infamous Cleopatra was also said to have been a lover of roses and supposedly filled her bath with rose water. On the other hand, Greek mythology believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, created the flower with her tears after crying on a white anemone that grew where Adonis, her lover, had died. Centuries later, the Ancient Romans began associating the flower with lavish, wealth, and beauty as they would, similar to Cleopatra, pamper themselves with rose-filled baths and bedrooms. Even in religions like Christianity and Hinduism, stories and scriptures would depict roses as something linked to virtue, love, romance, and the heart. While versions of these myths, traditions, and practices exist and vary, the rose was undoubtedly being associated with these romantic ideas and no one could stop its rise in popularity. 

Painting of Cleopatra with roses by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

By the 1800s, there was a growth in rose gardens throughout Europe with figures like Josephine Bonaparte–Napoleon’s wife–having a collection of more than 250 rose varieties in her garden at her Chateau de Malmaison estate. Her roses however, were not the roses that we know and love today, but instead that of European and Mediterranean descent. The Victorian Era is what saw the introduction of the modern rose as it was brought into Europe around the late 18th century by China. Around this time is when the Eastern roses were beginning to be bred with the European and Mediterranean ones, resulting in special breeds and hybrids. With these early efforts by plant and flower breeders, it is no wonder that there is great interest and excitement from gardeners today when the rose’s bloom season approaches.


By the modern age, flowers continued to be used for courtship and as an expression of emotions. While other flowers gained popularity, the rose remained the staple for expressing love and it continues as such today. With this in mind, it is no surprise that there are many instances throughout pop culture where roses were referenced and used. One of the most famous instances of roses is at the White House Rose Garden. First thought of by Edith Roosevelt during her husband Theodore's administration, the White House Rose Garden has been a significant place for informing American citizens and celebrating national accomplishments. Bordering the Oval Office and West Wing of the White House, the garden was established in 1913 and contains lines of flower beds with a variety of flowers, one of which is the rose. In 2020 however, ex-First Lady Melania Trump had several trees and flowers removed. Since then, citizens are calling on current First Lady Jill Biden to restore the garden to its former glory.

White House Rose Garden

Our Pattern

With the rose continuing to be a romantic symbol, we aim to display this through our Rose Garden Swim Trunk. Coming in White, Tuscany Yellow and Sangria colourways, our swim trunk features an intricate design of roses and greenery, complimented by muted pastels. Depicted through a harmonious composition, the Rose Garden pattern is sure to bring you some floral fun.

Model wearing Rose Garden Camp Shirt and Swim Trunks