Pattern Play: Siren Ocean

Don’t be afraid, these Sirens can’t hurt you. The alluring charm of the Siren found its home in our new Spring/Summer ‘23 collection. Throw these on and watch as people turn to stone - wait - wrong myth. Whatever, it still works. Let these Siren swim trunks tempt you this season as the pattern of the summer.


Originating from Greek mythology, the Sirens were sea nymphs that would lure sailors to their death. The half-bird half-woman creatures would trick nearby men with the sweetness of her song, causing them to jump overboard and drown in the ocean's deep waters. Can’t resist? Neither could Homer’s hero Odysseus, who after stuffing his crew's ears with wax, tied himself to the mast of his ship so he could still hear their enchanting number. 

In other stories, they’re referred to as the companions of Persephone, the goddess of Spring, who searched the world for their friend after she was stolen away by Hades. Praying to the gods, they wished for wings to fly across the ocean. Wish fulfilled, they were transformed into creatures of song and sea.


The sea and all its creatures have always been a significant source of inspiration for Bather, whether mythical or existent. This playful rendition of a Siren removes the bird-like features and instead takes the form of the dark and edgy sister to the mermaid. Surrounded by her finned friends, wicked waves, and good times, we don’t expect her to be looking to drag anyone to her depths anytime soon. But don’t blame us if these trunks tempt you.

If you take a closer look, you may notice she’s been pursuing a different high than that of her man-hunting days. Whatever works, right?

Available in both Black & Blue, from sizes XS-XXL.