SS19 Style Guide

We're done counting down the days 'til Summer. Summer starts now...kind of. With Spring just around the corner and imminent signs of post-winter happiness on the horizon, we're excited to announce the release of an array of new Swim Trunks for the season.

This season’s SS19 Collection introduces new designs inspired by traditional Japanese dying techniques, classic Hawaiian patterns, nautical motifs and many more. Check out some of the looks below and head to our Shop to see the full range.

The Bouquet

Bather SS19 Style Guide

The Daytime Bouquet Swim Trunk is our new floral pattern for the season. In two colour variations, Daytime and Midnight, the Bouquet Swim Trunk is inspired by still life paintings and botanical illustrations. It might be loud, but the muted tones make it easy for anyone to wear and style. 

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The Toile

Bather SS19 Style Guide for Blue French Toile Swim Trunk

Inspired by a classic French Toile, ours incorporates tropical and Hawaiian motifs as well as other ironic imagery — think 'man surfing shark' and 'one-legged surfer'. Available in Blue and Red, the Toile Swim Trunk is classic from a distance and super unique as you look deeper into the pattern.

Shop The Look: Bather Blue Toile Swim Trunk, Sassafras Hoodie, Vans Shoes, Norse Projects Hat

The Aloha

Bather — Styling the Yellow Aloha Swim Trunk with Velvasheen and Vans

The Aloha is a staple go-to swim trunk with classic Hawaiian imagery in a tonal yellow — summer's favourite colour. Street or beach-ready, these beauties are all day, everyday Bathers.

Shop The Look: The Yellow Aloha Swim Trunk, Vans Shoes, Barena Shirt, Velva Sheen Tee

The Shibori

Bather's Indigo Shibori Swim Trunk styled with Norse Projects

Shibori is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique used to embellish fabrics. Using this technique, we created an ocean-like repeating pattern for this year's SS19 collection. Available in Indigo, Baby Blue and Pink. 

Shop The Look: Bather Indigo Shibori Swim Trunk, Norse Projects Long Sleeve Shirt, Norse Projects Socks, Vans Shoes

The Hawaii

Bather's Midnight Hawaii Swim Trunk with hoodie and sneakers

The Midnight Hawaii Swim Trunk is a classic Hawaiian print in a unique Bather colour palette  — perfect for a toned down take on an Aloha pattern.

Shop The Look: Bather Midnight Hawaii Swim Trunk, Lady White Hoodie, Vans Shoes

The Marble

How to Style Bather featuring Stussy and Converse

Marbling, also known as ink floating, was a common technique in 12th century Japan. We tried it out ourselves and created this Marble Swim Trunk, available in blue and black. This pattern is a modern and abstract print that's easy to work into any style. 

Shop The Look: Bather Blue Marble Swim Trunk, Stüssy Tee, Converse Shoes

The Afternoon Sail

How to wear Bather's Blue Afternoon Sail Swim Trunk

The Afternoon Sail is this season's 'feel good Bather'. Whether you're an avid sailor or scared to go within 10 feet of a sailboat, The Afternoon Sail will you have your friends calling you Mr. Summer.  

Shop The Look: Bather Blue Afternoon Sail Swim Trunk, Norse Projects Tee, Battenwear Shirt, Adidas Sandals, Norse Projects Hat

The Motorboat 

Bather's Navy Motorboat Swim Trunk

Another easy-to-wear option for Summer 2019. The Navy Motorboat Swim Trunk, also available in Pink, is a graphic pattern featuring summer activity motifs, tropical foliage, and scenes of Hawaiian vacations. 

Shop The Look: Bather Navy Motorboat Swim Trunk, Adsum Shirt, Adidas Sandals

The Tropical Forest

Bather's Green Tropical Forest Swim Trunk with Adsum shirt

This is your go-to tropical swim trunk for summer! Heavy in tropical foliage and reminiscent of camo, the style is a summer staple and pairs with just about anything.

Shop The Look: Bather Green Tropical Forest Swim Trunk, Adsum Shirt